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06/07/32 · Soda ash is essential for dyeing fabric with Procion mx type dyes. But when do you add it? We'll see the results of three techniques here. Video created by G. On the Procion dye jars, it says to mix the dye into cold water, and that's where I went wrong. My research revealed that the water should in fact be at least room. Welcome to. We are a division of Aljo Dyes, and the premier manufacturer and distributor of MX Cold Process, Fiber Reactive, Cold Water Dyes in North America. We carry upwards of 50 different MX Cold Process, Fiber Reactive, Cold Water Dye colors, available in sizes rangeing from 1 oz. to 100 Lbs and over. PROCION MX DYES for Dying and Printing Textiles. Extremely popular, easy to use dyes for the cold dyeing or printing/painting of Cotton, Linen, Viscose Rayon or Silk.

2. Mix your Procion MX Dye powders with just a little water to the amount recommended on the package’s instructions to produce a dye concentrate for easier control/different effects and usage. You can, of course, make a regular dye solution with the full amount of water along with the correct amount of sodium carbonate if you’d prefer. 3. About our procion dyes. Our Hue & Dye procion dyes are a perfect choice for your first dyes. Versatile, super-easy to use, reliable and good value, procion mx dyes produce fabulous rich and vibrant results. Procion MX dyes. Cold water fibre reactive dye for any cellulose fabric or fibre. They will also dye silk and wool. 50gms dye will dye 1kg dry fabric. The most popular & widely used dyes for immersion dyeing, airbrush, ombre dyeing, tie dye, dyebath, splatter dyeing and hand painting on.

Procion cold water dyes are ideal for batik. A little of this dye powder goes a very long way. They can be used as dip dyes or painted straight onto the fabric. The colours can all be mixed to give a very wide range of colours, and the navy or black dyes are an excellent way of darkening any colour. Procion MX Sets. Cold water, fiber reactive Procion MX dye is the most vivid dye for cellulose fibers. Procion dyes are used to dye plant-based fibres or fabrics, such as cotton, linen, bamboo and ramie. They are a fibre-reactive dyes, which means that they create a chemical reaction with the cellulose in the fibre to make a permanent and washable colour. Our procion dyes are fibre reactive, ‘MX’ dyes. They provide an excellent balance between colour range, adaptability to different fibres, colour, wash and lightfastness. As a bi-functional dye procion dyes are very easy to use. We supply our dyes in sturdy, re-usable screw-top pots. The wide neck allows easy access and ensures minimal waste.

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