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Schoeps CMC4 CMC5 conversion to "blue dot" 5db.

Schoeps Microphones. 77 results. Consists of 2x paired SCHOEPS CMC 6 microphone amplifiers and 2x MK 2 near-field omni capsules. Includes 2x SG20 microphone clips and 2x B5D windshields in an elegant wooden case. €2,950. £2,496.56. Medium-term availability. Medium-term availability. 26/09/36 · Here is a rough demonstration for converting a Schoeps CMC5 or CMC4 amplifer to "Blue Dot", which results in a 5db increase in gain along with a like decrease in headroom. If you have good.

schoeps cut 1 for cmc5 film production microphone. $245.00 4h 40m $8.30 shipping. Make Offer - schoeps cut 1 for cmc5 film production microphone. Schoeps cmc 5 w/ mk 41 capsule. $1,175.00 $15.00 shipping. Make Offer - Schoeps cmc 5 w/ mk 41 capsule. NEW Schoeps. 07/12/38 · This is a shootout between the Russian made Oktava MK 012 and the Schoeps CMC5 with a MK4 capsule. Recorded at La Source Studio by mixing-mastering

Schoeps mk41 Schoeps MK4 Schoeps CMC5 Schoeps cmc6. Notre catalogue contient en ce moment 90 produits Schoeps, 28 d´entre eux sont disponibles pour un envoi immédiat. Schoeps fait partie de notre assortiment depuis 1998. I consider the Schoeps CMC 6/MK 21 microphones to be some of the finest condensers made today. If you're looking for a stereo-matched set of microphones to capture every subtle nuance and detail - and are willing to pay for such precision - this stereo set is for you. 17/04/40 · Neumann KM 184 vs. Schoeps CMC 6 with MK4 capsule. I recently conducted a shootout between a Neumann KM 184 and a Schoeps CMC6 with an MK4 cardioid capsule. The source was my Larrivee OM-03 guitar. I thought I'd share the sound files so. Fully functional and fantastic sounding Schoeps cmc5 with mk 41 hypercardioid capsule. Shows signs of cosmetic wear; please examine the photos. The physical wear does not affect the performance in any way. Many prefer the cmc5 to the cmc6. The mk41 is an incredibly useful pattern both live and in.

The CMC5 rolls off at 30Hz. In fact, Schoeps does not recommend mixing CMC5’s and CMC6’s in stereo pairs. It’s been said that Schoeps would love to retire the CMC5 model completely, but too many recordists prefer them over the CMC6. Many people prefer to have only either all CMC5 or all CMC6 in their mic lockers. 12. Jump the collectors of T2 and T3 where trace was cut by Schoeps. – DONE! 13. You may want to change the mic’s gain setting while you’re at it. the jumper shown here does this. B=”normal” gain, A=5dB gain Schoeps “blue dot” option I have all my mics at the “B” normal gain setting, they’re quite hot enough there for my use. 12/05/37 · Schoeps capsules basically don't mind if they are on a CMC4, 5, or 6 body. And they are able to take quite some beating. The active extensions like GVC will work on any CMC type body too, and if you like you can buy a CMC5 or 6 body later. Definitely a cheap way to get a Schoeps, so go for it if they are in proper shape. Expect optical wear. 23/01/35 · Please hear HD WAV audio samples in this link: /jz-microphones/sets/mic-shootout-drum-overheads Update Your mic collection Now for spec. Transformerless Schoeps style SDC circuit kit This circuit kit contains a full implementation of the renowned Schoeps CMC5 transformerless design, with numerous upgrades and enhancements that we've developed over the years. We use the highest quality parts, including 1% tolerance 50ppm Dale audio resistors, low-noise.

schoeps. 社は、1948年創立以来、高い信頼性と高品質かつニュートラルな音で多くのユーザーに親しまれてきました。. 現在、ミュージシャンはもちろんのことレコーディングスタジオ、映画録音、放送局でschopes社のマイクロフォンが愛用されております。.

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